Parts washer.

Parts washer with brush, made of robust plastic, specifically created for use with BIOPOWER CLEANER.

Power supply 230 V 1 phase + T
Working temperature 38-43°C
Power capacity 1 kW
Power consumption 200 W/h (-25% in Eco mode)
Overall dimensions 90.5(L) x 65(D) x 108(H) cm
Tub internal dimensions 79(L) x 42(D) x 18(H) cm
Tank capacity 55-100 L
Material High density polyethylene
Maximum load 100 kg
Portability 4 castors, 2 with brake
Pump capacity 1140 L/h
Included accessories Tap-stopper-brush
Usable volume per immersion ~30 L
Tank filtration system 140 µm cartridge
Tub filtration system 700 µm stainless steel mesh
Empty weight ~46 Kg
Drain 41 cm tube
How to use Standard (38°C), Eco (32°C – energy saving), Boost (43°C)