Step 1 : Open the cover, and unwrap the pump that is in the basin.
Step 2 : Remove the stainless steel sheet with the wave pattern, the index plug and the stainless steel filter.
Step 3 : Remove the basin by unclipping the black hose underneath and removing the brush head hose.
Step 4 : Place the pump on the bottom of the tank in its correct position (between the 4 points) and connect its electric cable to the kit: join to the connector with the green ring, and screw on the green ring to attach the connector. Connect the pump hose to the filter hose with the quick connector.
Step 5 : Put the basin back in place. Clip the black hose under the basin again and place the brush head hose back in its slot.
Step 6 : Replace the stainless steel filter, the index plug (the indexes must be put in place, folds upwards), and the stainless steel sheet with the wave pattern.


Step 1 : Pour the liquid up to the required level (at least 60 litres of liquid).
Step 2 : Press the “C° on/off” button to set the parts washer to heating mode. The text “heating” appears on screen.
Step 3 : Place a tablet in the rectangular hole.
Step 4 : Display on the wall above the parts washer the follow up poster (safety instructions / addition of tabs…).
Step 5 : Whenever a new tablet is added, enter the date in the follow up poster.
Step 6 : The parts washer is ready for use when the text “temperature ok” appears on the screen.


Regular temperature increased by 5 °C

Increasing the temperature by 5 °C will increase the cleaning efficacy by 20%.

Step 1 : Press the BOOST button: warning light “B” flashes and the “HEAT” light goes ON.
Step 2 : Once the required temperature is reached, the heat function goes off. Warning lights “B” and “HEAT” remain on.
Step 3 : The “HEAT” warning light flashes slowly when the temperature returns to its initial value.


Temporary temperature reduction to 30°C

The ECO operating mode reduces the liquid temperature to lower the electricity consumption for specific period (adjustable parameter, ref. to instructions). Once this time has elapsed, the temperature returns to its normal working value.

Step 1 : After pressing the ECO button, the “HEAT” warning light goes off and the orange light “€” flashes slowly.
Step 2 : When the correct temperature is reached (30°C), it is maintained for 11 hours (adjustable, ref. to instructions).
NOTE: the ECO mode is disabled by pressing the black button.
Step 3 : After the preset time has elapsed, the temperature rises to 38° C. The “HEAT” warning light flashes slowly.