I believe I consume lots of liquid. Is it normal ?

The average consumption of the parts washer is 5 to 12 litres per month depending on its use. Consumption may be higher if the washed parts have many retentions. You may also check that :

  1. the parts washer has no leaks and the bath temperature is actually 37 to 38 ° C;
  2. the pump is disconnected after using the parts washer;
  3. the cleaning solution is not used outside the parts washer;
  4. the stainless steel plate is replaced correctly after a soaking opertation (which limits losses caused by evaporation).

Why can the colour and the smell of the fluid change ?

The cleaning solution gets dark after the first use. Unlike solvents, this does not affect the degreasing efficiency. The cleaning solution simply takes the colour of oils and hydrocarbons. If the smell changes drastically, this may be due to poor oxygenation. Check that the air pump is working properly.
You can increase oxygenation by using the nozzle for 30 minutes. You may also add a tablet.

What can I do if the cleaning efficiency decrease ?

  1. Check the temperature (see message on screen).
  2. Unlike solvents, the fluid continues degreasing even if the cleaning solution is getting darker (provided microorganism tablets have been added). The color of the fluid is not an indicator of the fluid efficiency. However, if the degreasing efficiency decreases considerably, add a tablet and run the cleaning solution for 30 minutes through the nozzle.

When shall I drain the parts washer ?

Theoretically, never. Organic dirt is biodegraded and so it does not build up, as is the case when degreasing with solvents or traditional washing products. This is the reason why our parts washer and washing process are so interesting. We recommend washing cycle once a year for heavy-duty maintenance and every 18 months for routine maintenance. Cleaning the parts washer helps to eliminate sludge that forms over time on the bottom of the tank, which affects the fluid heating and circulation. Sludge originates from the solid particles contained in dirt removed from the washed parts.
In practice, If the washing efficiency drops drastically, replace the whole bath.

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